Graphic Design 02

Textbook: Becoming a Graphic & Digital Designer
Syllabus: GD02_Syllabus
Project Calendar: GD02_Calendar
Readings: GD02_Readings

NOTE: Don’t forget you’ll be handing in a digital portfolio at the end of the semester. Remember to keep your files organized and backed up!

Project 01

Project Description: Arbor Day Poster

Project 02

Project Description: Postage Stamp
Videos: 01, 02, 03

Project 03a Description: Logotype/Wordmark
Logotype & Wordmark Inspiration: 01

Project 03b Description: Pattern
Pattern Inspiration: 01

Project 03c Description: Stationary
Stationary Inspiration: 01

Project 03

project 04

Project 04 Description: Illustrated Map

project 05