Art 431: GD04

Art 431
Advanced Graphic Design IV

Spring 2019
Hammond Hall 104a
MW 12–3pm

Christian Dunn

Office No. HH 103
Office Hours:
TR 12–3pm


01.09 W
Course Introduction
Order books
Lecture: The Résumé
Unit 01 (U01): Portfolio Audit, Resumé
U03: Self-Initiated Project

01.14 M

Read How to Crit
Reading Assignment (RA) 01: OSWN (p. 06–41) (PDF), A Portfolio Hiring Managers Can’t Deny, Insights on writing your résumé, Ten common mistakes in résumés and cover letters
Group 1: Portfolio Presentation
U03: Self-Initiated Project Proposal

01.16 W
Group 2: Portfolio Presentation
U03: Self-Initiated Project Proposal
Assignment: write “In 1 Year” essay (≥ 250)

01.21 M
RA01: Discussion & Writings due
“In 1 Year” essay due
RA02: OSWN (p. 42–73), How to get a job at X, In Defense of Generalism
U01: Resume Due
U01: Redo 2 Assignments

01.23 W
U03: Self-Initiated 01

01.28 M

RA02: Discussion & Writings due
RA03: OSWN (p. 74–105)

01.30 W
U03: Self-Initiated 02 

02.04 M

RA03: Discussion & Writings due
RA04: OSWN (p. 106–129) and Design is a Job (p. 1–10)

02.06 W
U01: Redos Due
U01: Start Website
U03: Self-Initiated 03

02.11 M

RA04: Discussion & Writings due
RA05: Design is a Job (p. 11–30)

02.13 W
U03: Self-Initiated 04

02.18 M

Group 01: Portfolio Presentation 02 

02.20 W
Group 02: Portfolio Presentation 02
U03: Self-Initiated 05

02.22 FRIDAY
U03: Level C— Turned in by 5pm

02.25 M
RA05: Discussion & Writings due
RA06: Design is a Job (p. 31–56); The Dark Art of Pricing
U01 DUE // Begin M02 

02.27 W
U02: Self-promo
U03: Self-Initiated 06 

03.04 M

RA06: Discussion & Writings due
RA07: Design is a Job (p. 57–74)
Watch How To Price Design Services & Creativity from The Futur

03.06 W
U03: Self-Initiated 07 

03.11 M
RA07: Discussion & Writings due
RA08: Design is a Job (p. 75–99)

03.13 W
Watch F**k You. Pay Me. by Mike Monteiro
The Declaration by Forefathers
U03: Self-Initiated 08 

03.18 M

RA08: Discussion & Writings due
RA09: Design is a Job (p. 100–131), Salary Pending, Fail

03.20 W
U02: Self-promo due
U03: Self-Initiated 09

03.22 FRIDAY
U03: Level B— Turned in by 5pm

03.25–29 (spring break)
Ideal time for studio visits

04.01 M

RA09: Discussion & Writings due 

04.03 W
U02: Apply for internships
U03: Self-Initiated 10 

04.08 M

Group 01: Design Studio Presentations

04.10 W
Group 02: Design Studio Presentations
U03: Self-Initiated 11 

04.15 M

Freelance and Business and Stuff Make-up Presentations
Work in class 

04.17 W
Freelance and Business and Stuff Make-up Presentations
U03: Self-Initiated 12

04.22 M (Finals Week)


04.24 W (Finals Week)


Class PDFs
Portfolio Audit Sheet
Design Studio Research
Design Studio Survey
Creative Brief
Unit 01
Unit 02
Unit 03

Oh Sh*t What Now, Craig Oldham
Design is a Job, Mike Monteiro
Freelance and Business and Stuff, Amy & Jennifer Hood
How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul, Adrian Shaughnessy (PDF)
Combining Typefaces by Tim Brown
The Dark Art of Pricing by Jessica Hische
Pricing and Pitching chapter from FABAS

Portfolio Resources
Live Surface
Adobe Dimension
Mockup Files

Useful Legal Documents For Designers 
AIGA Standard Form of Agreement